Bacon Flavored Popcorn



Serves 5


2 tbsp of Bacon Fat or Oil  

{yes, Bacon Fat lol}

2 tbsp Popcorn kernels

*optional- 1-2 tbsp of Parmesan cheese 


Pot with top

Bacon flavored Popcorn
  1. Start by doing a test batch to see how long it takes the oil to heat up. Please follow the below instructions: 

    • Pour a tsp of oil 

    • 2-5 kernels 

    • Put the lid on & shake the pot 

    • Once you hear the kernels pop, remove the popcorn out of the pot to avoid if from burning 

  2. Pour new oil into the pot along with the popcorn kernels

  3. Cover the pot and give the pot a good shake

  4. After 2-3 minutes the popcorn should begin popping 

  5. When there is 5 seconds in between each pop, turn off the heat, move the pot to a different eye on the stove, and shake the pot

  6. Wait as the popping ends  

  7. Season popcorn to liking 

  8. Crumb over candied bacon 

Episode 1: Bacon & Hip-Hop