I'm the Captain Now French Toast

Ingredients & Measurements (above)

Serving: 6-8 people

Total Cook Time: 40 minutes

Recipe Created by: Ted Mack


/captain crunch-egg-challah bread/ (n)

These heavenly pillows of soft Challah Bread is mixed with the Captain Crunches golden flavor creating this decadent=next level, French Toasts!  #hangryYet?



1. Empty Captain Crunch into a gallon size bag and crush it.  <therapy>

2. Pour the crushed cereal into a large pan to prepare dredging stations.

3. Combine eggs, sugar, heavy cream, vanilla, and spices into a large bowl.  Stir until the mixture has the consistency of a custard.  (Add 2 tbsp of Bourbon if you would like to add more flavor.)

4. Dredging process:

     *Soak (1 inch thick) slice of Challah bread into the egg mixture

     *Lightly press each side of the soaked bread in the Captain Crunch crumbles

     *Place each dredged slice on a plate or parchment paper

5. Heat 2 tbs of butter in a large skillet  to medium heat and gently place your slices in the pan. <Give them enough space to cook>

6. Cook 1-2 minutes per side (Check every 40 seconds).

7. Place each cooked slice on a baking sheet and sit it inside of a warm oven until all slices have been cooked.