Tiffany Jenkins, is the founder, creator, producer, and director of ReMIXX.  She is a food enthusiast, music lover, and active participant in her community with strong ties to her church and youth groups.

While growing up in Springfield, Massachusetts, she spent most of her time in front of the camera participating in so many different programs.

Tiffany found her value in creating conversations about different topics in news articles, local interviews, documentaries and always had a passion for the arts.

Music and food serves as the natural link in connecting with anyone, regardless of age, nationality, or background.

The philosophy Tiffany brings to ReMIXX is one of creating a casual, yet intentional environment where both food and music can come together as the ultimate unifier in a time that desperately needs one.

artistry:       RMX RUva (muva)

                       Vibe Creator 

Born:             Springfield, MA


Raised:          Philadelphia, PA

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