Ladies 1st-

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ReMIXX united with


ranging from

Entrepreneurs to Educators and Artists;

each woman embodies their own brand, style and energy.

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"I'm really enjoying myself with these wonderful women. I'm really happy to be apart of this. ReMIXX is doing great things!"

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lee mo

"Loving this vibe of everything today. This is Sisterhood!"- Shani

"I thought it was incredibly awesome to be apart of such a unique experience. Coming here knowing no one besides my business partner, I was able to meet new people and make some lovely friendships."- Traci

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shani & traci
Artist:personal trainers
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"RMX is important to me because it highlights the relationship that food and music share. ReMIXX uses 2 common factors- Food & Music, to also connect influential women together to network, laugh and grow together. RMX represents a platform to showcase our accomplishments and support for each others journeys..."

Chef miya
Artist: Chef
Chef miya
Artist: Chef

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"Anytime woman about their business come together and enjoy themselves, I'm for it! Looking forward to toasting with these ladies over my LoveLee wine brand."

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creator of lovelee wine

"Today was fun! I'm having a great time meeting new people and sharing a experience having fun, drinking and eating."

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"This is a great experience, great vibes. I truly appreciate the opportunity."- Jordan

"I didn't know what to expect at first, but the ReMIXX experience has been awesome. So many aspects have come together today and its amazing to share this with amazing women."- Blaire

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blaire & jordan
creator of natural born hats