"Amazing vision, cant wait to tune into more!"

"The vibe of the show is amazing. I want to see more!!"

"Thanks for the needed combination of our music & our food!!

Do it for the culture ReMIXX!!"


"This was dope! I am happy I was a part of this!!

Awesome concept and energy!"

“ReMIXX is a movement!”

Tyrone Jr. | Trailblazer

“I love ReMIXX! It’s a platform that provides us the opportunity to present a different spin on culture. It’s literally a remix.”

Kevin Carr | Trailblazer

"ReMIXX understands the importance of everyone having a voice in the conversation. At ReMIXX everyone has a seat at the table."

Connie | Trailblazer


"...ReMIXX is a necessary production for the culture because it sheds light on artistry in a very unique way by tying together music and food through the lens of rising artists and entrepreneurs."

LeeMo | Artist: Singer

"...ReMIXX is unique opportunity to delve deep into music, artist, and foods that I'd never think to combine on my own."

 David | ReMIXX Village